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Basic Photo Editing Tips – Twip Guide 101

Basic Photo Editing Tips – Twip Guide 101

Taking a good photo and uploading it on the social media account is what the current world is all about. People tend to send a load of money to get a phone which could take good pictures of them, but there is a very simple way people can get themselves to look good in images. This one small process in between is called editing which creates a major impact on the images.

The following are a few basic tips which are bound to make your pictures look breathtaking and simply stunning.

1) Photo Editing Tools

One of the best methods to get a picture to look perfect and flawless is by choosing the right photo editing applications. Whether you are editing on a pc or your mobile phone choosing the right application can make a significant difference in how your pictures look. Software like Lightroom has features like lightroom presets which helps a lot in photo editing and lets your photo do all the talking.


2) Cropping

Cropping is the most basic and essential parts of editing any image. Cropping out disturbing elements can help you in making your picture look better, and you can even use it to change the perspective of an image completely.  It is one of the most simplistic ways of improving the look of the image and now due to the advancement in photo editing a person can change the background of an image completely just by few clicks.

3) Adjusting light aspects

Adjusting the light aspects of an image can give it an appealing look which can help denote various emotions of a person.  Even a picture which looks dull and dark can merely be changed and made to look good just by changing the brightness and contrast ratio. Make sure not to increase the brightness of an image too much as that can cause blow out on the images which are huge white spots on the image which can spoil its look completely.

4) Filter and focus

Filter and focus are the cherries on top of a Sunday icecream of photo editing. They are small adjustments you can use to make your image stand out and look simply stunning. If you are not able to remove or crop out the background as it is too close to you in the picture then just by merely changing the focus you can blur out the background of the image which can remove the disturbance of the image once in for all. Every image editing application has the basic option of a filter as this allows you to add a layer of color over the image which can help you look better and denote different season and emotion.